February 05, 2024

What Auto Accident Lawyers Recommend When a Police Report is Wrong

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Car accidents are stressful enough without facing the added challenge of a police report that contains incorrect information. These reports play a significant role in insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits, so any errors can have lasting consequences.  If you find yourself in this situation, know that you have options.

Understanding Police Reports

Police reports are not perfect records of car accidents. While officers receive training for investigating accident scenes, they frequently arrive after the event, and their findings can contain mistakes.  The report might detail the events leading up to the accident inaccurately, misrepresent witness statements, or incorrectly assign fault. Here are the two most common types of errors:

  • Factual Errors: These are the easiest to fix. Errors like incorrect vehicle descriptions, insurance details, or misspellings can often be amended with a simple call or visit to the relevant law enforcement agency.
  • Disputed Facts: These are harder to address, often involving interpretations of the scene or conflicting witness statements. An officer’s opinion on who was at fault or what caused the accident falls into this category.

What Can You Do?

When facing inaccuracies in a police report, it’s crucial to understand the potential impact on your case. A police report is a critical piece of evidence in car accident claims, often used to determine fault and liability. Here are strategic actions you can do to rectify the situation.

  • Gather Evidence: Document anything that refutes the inaccuracies in the report. Take photos or videos of the scene, track down additional witnesses, and obtain medical records if your injuries are misrepresented.
  • Contact the Officer: Speak with the reporting officer and present any evidence that supports your claim. In cases of simple factual errors, officers are often willing to make corrections.
  • File a Supplemental Report: Some police departments allow parties to file supplemental reports, especially if new information or witnesses come forward.
  • Consult Alabama Car Crash Lawyers: A car accident lawyer in Alabama can be invaluable, using their experience to challenge errors in the police report. They work towards ensuring that any inaccuracies do not negatively affect your insurance claim or a potential lawsuit for damages.

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